Meet Amy Lyon

My name is Amy Lyon,
and I’ve been an
elementary teacher for
thirty years.

     I’ve always been passionate about character education, and when I needed to choose a dissertation topic for my research, "grit" fell into my lap via a great NYT article. "The Secret to Success is Failure," by Paul Tough, was handed to me by someone, and voila! My dissertation topic was born. I have always believed that character education is just as important as academics, because "who students are" matters just as much as whether they can read, write, and problem solve. I’m well aware that grit is only one component of character ed., however the concept sure is a necessity for anyone who would like to achieve a distant goal. 

     My husband, Jay, and I live in rural Wilmot, NH, with our menagerie of animals.  Horses have been a part of my life since I bought my first one with my own earned babysitting money at eleven.  We now have two on the farm, along with quite a few hens of all different breeds.  (The eggs on the home page are theirs!)  "Fat William" is what we currently call Willy, our black and white kitty as he, like many of us, have added some pounds this winter.  My husband takes his lab to the fire department everyday for work, and my Corgi stays home to be in charge of the house.

     Like my husband, I, too, have been a volunteer firefighter for our fire local department for the past 25 years.  Although I’m not much of an "inside firefighter" during structure fires anymore, I still participate in any accidents or rescues to which we respond.  This photo to the right shows me "saving" our principal during a cold-water rescue demonstration for my fifth graders.