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Thankful for Grit Curriculum!

posted Apr 13, 2014, 6:04 AM by Samantha Cleveland   [ updated Apr 13, 2014, 6:11 AM ]

 "I am thrilled that grit is being taught in the classroom!!  I firmly believe that grit is as important as learning to read, write and understand mathematical concepts.  Without it, all the abilities gained through learning are all too easily stifled by a world filled with adversity.

  Whether this adversity is a "dirty look" in the lunchroom, not doing well on an assignment, not making it to finals a spelling bee; or as these kids grow, not getting an internship, a scholarship, or not getting into the college of their choosing, any of these things - and they can be there unexpectedly at any turn in life - can leave you feeling pretty beat up.
    A grit curriculum provides these kids, at a young age, with the
tools they need, they deserve, to understand that they have the
ability to choose how they look at these thing that happen in life.
  Choosing how to think about life's
obstacles changes the way in which these things are processed and therefore how they are responded to, giving these kids the ability to avoid being derailed from their intentions and goals.  Being told to
"turn that frown upside down" or be optimistic is not enough.  They need to know HOW to do that, and often, even parents don't know how.  It's huge.  If we want our children to be the people who can pick themselves up and keep going when life knocks them down, we need to give them the tools to do it. 
    I love the grit curriculum!  Thank you, Amy Lyon, for bringing the conversation into the schools!"
- Samantha Cleveland
North Sutton, New Hampshire

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